Vermilion Vintage began with a wedding.

Photo of Vermilion Vintage Wedding

It could have been 1885 at the height of Gold Rush fever that day in Fillmore, an old small town in California. Gathered in the courtyard of City Hall located just off the steam engine train stop, 150 folks waited for the bride and groom to exchange vows. Present were saloon girls, sheriffs, men in frock coats, ladies in bustle gowns and children in cowboy hats.

I have sewn wedding gowns, Halloween costumes, and plenty of everyday clothing for 45 years. So it was easy to put together a wardrobe for several family members and other wedding guests of mine, both by purchasing some original vintage clothing and sewing up what I hoped was period correct attire. Of course that led to research, and ultimately to a new passion for historical costuming.

Since my wedding in 2004 I have competed nationally and have won several awards for my Historical entries from the International Costume Guild. I am a member of Costume Society of America and Costumer’s Guild West.

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