1932 Dress

Photo of blue 1932 dress
1932 dress made from Butterick pattern #6927


I just finished up a dress made from a favorite Butterick pattern.

I was lucky to find some silk chiffon with a print very similar to the design on the pattern envelope.  The dress has a unique short-sleeve treatment and was really fun to construct.  The 1930’s did away with all of the boring components of garments and made even the simplest construction really pop with something fun!

The cowl collar is still missing a handmade flower (as what is seen on the pattern), but that’s coming up.  I have some instructions from another Butterick pattern on how to make these types of ornamental flowers.

A costume slip is intended beneath this frock, but is not shown here in the photo.  Where modern garments layer the construction so that a dress lining is attached to the sheer overlayer, in the 1920’s and 1930’s the costume slip was separate and an important companion to the final presentation.

Photo of Butterick pattern 6927
Butterick #6927

Now I just need the right hat.

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